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Success stories

“Our work endorses us”


This team is a trusted partner.

At Roland we trust completely in a supplier that is able to offer a top-quality comprehensive service, caring for and supporting the client from the start of the project to the end.

Roland DG Iberia | Marketing Manager


We have been working with this team for over 8 years and we’ve never been disappointed They are a great team that work wholeheartedly and with passion for what they do.

When the team handles the production of one of our events, I don’t have to worry about anything, I know that whatever happens, they’ll help me, even when it isn’t part of their mission.

Over the years we have built a strong and close relationship which gives me great confidence.

Nowadays, we no longer entrust the organisation of our fairs in France, Spain or anywhere else in Europe to any other team but this one.

They are professional, efficient, they work fast with a perfect quality finish They are a real support for us when it comes to setting up our events. The clients I have recommended them to for the creation of their stand have always been satisfied, and they don’t want anyone else to do it.

I consider the team as part of our current organisation and as friends.

Director of Operations | C!Print


For a company like IDGAMAX which bases a large part of its trade strategy on being present at fairs, having a strategic partner like this one is essential.

From its proactive nature in the design of the stand to its efficiency in setting it up, this team supports us throughout the project with the capacity to adapt, and always focusing on the solution to the problems that might arise in the stands set up anywhere in Europe.

This team is a guarantee of efficiency in the execution, allowing us to concentrate on the trade side of the fair, knowing that in the event of any incident, they will provide us with solutions right away.



We have been working with this team for several years and the results of their work are excellent.

Our stands attract the attention of fair attendees due to their creativity in the design and good visibility of the products that we exhibit on the stand.

We are really satisfied with their service and the personalised attention they offer us. Their adaptability to the needs we express is amazing, as they manage to give shape to our wishes in a pleasantly surprising way.

Marketing | JHK T-shirt

Mid Ocean Brands

It is the team we trust across the whole of Europe. Milan, Lyon, Madrid… Always bringing quality, originality and punctuality. Our products are always presented in the best way possible with this team.

Sales Director | Mid Ocean Brands

Grupo Miquel

They are responsible and committed to your project to the point where you see them as colleagues in the company. Fast response, dynamic implementation and care down to the last details. This team is synonymous with professionalism. I recommend them.

External Communiction Grupo Miquel

Pads World

When we look for service providers, it’s not easy to find teams as competent as this one.

Since we have been working with them, we have the confidence and certainty that our stands in the international fairs are in the best hands.

There is no doubt that it’s a guarantee that we can rely on companies as efficient and professional as they are.

Pad’s World | Manager


We have been working together for over fourteen years setting up stands across Europe, many of which have been transported from one fair to another in the harshest weeks of winter in central Europe and with no time between exhibitions to deal with storms, snow and other adversities.

However, despite having to face some extraordinary circumstances, this team has been able to resolve any issues and provide us with solutions so we can always attend the fairs and exhibitions we have decided to go to, with our impeccable brand image, and it has given us support throughout the process, having become another member of our company, who’s good work has earned our absolute trust.



We have been collaborating with them for more than a decade, in both national and international fairs, as a result of the confidence and certainty that they convey to us.

Their stand designs are a guarantee of success both for their design creativity, which always supports us in the presence of our brands in every market. After many years of moving several stand assemblies through Europe in the middle of winter, we’ve faced plenty of weather and logistical complications and incidents, but they have never let us down.


Zimmer Biomet

The professionalism, enthusiasm, creativity and passion with which this team works on each of our stands is a guarantee of success from the first minute.

It’s a luxury to be able to rely on this team of professionals.

Zimmer Biomet

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