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Innovative and creative landscaping solutions for professionals

As creators of unique spaces, at James Dam Studio we also develop… our creativity outside. We don’t simply make gardens; we create unique and exclusive spaces where you can enjoy relaxation on another level. Buddhist temples, statues and thematic rock and stone designs, the restoration of areas, the construction of rivers, waterfalls and lakes, and we even add the animals that will bring the spaces to life!

At James Dam Studio we carry out landscaping projects always based on our values of creativity, design, quality, innovation and respect for nature, providing our clients with added value that allows them to feel comfortable and even generate business.
Innovative, beautiful and efficient projects for both outdoor spaces and indoor gardens. Always working with a wide variety of quality products to offer long-lasting projects.

Whether you’re an individual or an intermediary, put us to the test and we’ll make your dreams come true. In addition, we will arrange all the permits required for your project.

Restoration of a Rural Property

Park Resort Design

Thematic landscaping

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